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Ruff-Ruff is a brown beagle, and one of the three title characters. He lives in a red house (resembling a ball with his ears) neighboring those of Tweet and Dave. He also drives a red RollyPod.[a] He even likes to dig holes which, at times, result in finding lost items. He sometimes cares about winning,but often he still likes to have fun. He is voiced by Ethan Drake Davis.

He is red and black like his house and always says "ruff" he is a playful dog he has a hone. Ruff once lost farmer Fred's list in A Farmyard Adventure.

Trivia Edit


  • In the Ruff-Ruff, Tweet, and Dave app, Ruff-Ruff's body is brown in the painting number.But his body is supposed to be red.
  • Ruff-Ruff is the fastest of the group.

Quotes Edit


"Ruff ruff"

"Oh Ruff"

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