A Fairytale Adventure is the first episode from season one.


Hatty tells Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave that today,they are going on a Fairytale Adventure.

When they got there,they made their own fairytale.Ruff-Ruff was a knight. Tweet was a fairy. And Dave was a wizard.Ruff-Ruff wants to chase dragons,so Tweet transformed it into a "dragon-squirrel".When they saw the dragon-squirrel, They ran under the rocks.Hatty said "duck" causing Hatty's bubblecopter to turn to a rubber duck.Ruff-Ruff gave the dragon-squirrel acorns in exchange for Tweet's 3-wish wand.Tweet managed to turn the dragon-squirrel back to an ordinary squirrel.

Tweet wished for a magic castle with a feast.And magiced it with her wand.They had a great feast.Hatty forgot that his bubblecopter is still a rubber duck.And when Tweet tried to magic it with her wand, Tweet realized she used up her 3 wishes. Hatty discovers that they can't go home until they said "happily ever after" and Hatty's bubblecopter is back. And lived a happily ever after.


  • This is the first time a squirrel is seen in an episode
  • This is the only time Ruff-Ruff, Tweet, and Dave wear fairytale costumes           
  • The lock that is with the key looked similar to the one in, "A Matcing Adventure "

Goofs Edit

  • It was said that the 3-wish wand makes only three wishes but Hatty added another wish to make his bubblecopter by saying "duck", to make four wishes .It is unknown how or why
  • It is unknown why Hatty said "duck" by accident if he is supposed to say "dunk"
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